Educational Preparation     

An academic and creative talent, Jermayne has a diverse academic background which began in Oberlin through an Oberlin College program and continued through secondary completion, which includes a family provisioned study tour in Europe.      

Jermayne progressed to Bennett College where she began as a Mass Communications major and completed with a concentration in English.      

After achieving her Bachelors degree from Bennett, Jermayne was contacted by and accepted to both the University of Pennsylvania and DePaul University for the Masters and doctoral programs.      

Jermayne attended DePaul University and achieved her Masters in an Urban Studies program with a concentration in English. She has since accomplished success in writing, media, and education.

Professional Educator     

Jermayne has taught at both the college and secondary levels. She has classical, professional, certification in teaching and learning, specializing in the psychodynamics of urban education. 

Jermayne‚Äôs signature style predominately integrates approaches introduced by reform theorists: Vygotsky, Gardner, and Socrates. Her modules, methods, and implementation have been consistently ranked superior  by certified professionals.   

Jermayne has professionally written curriculum, lesson plans, and developed modules for upper level staff to use in course work that provides differentiation, accommodations, modifications and strategies that maximize the learning experience in the seminars and instruction she has provided for college and secondary programs including: literacy and comprehension; effective communication; effective writing; comprehensive academic monitoring/intervention; time management and organizational skills.     

Jermayne has also given seminars for: Pro Sports players--Life Skills Orientation providing a flexible, interactive module with differentiation, accommodations, and modifications to engage all learner-participants; Publishing; and various organizational seminars using approaches that maximize sessions for all learner-participants.     

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