Professional development

Professional Development, Class, or Group Reading

Corporations, organizations, academic,
sports, other groups, or individuals can request customized, flexible, professional reading guides or curriculum on the entire text or portions of the text to use for:                           

o  Professional development                            
o  Course work                           
o  Or other seminars, workshops, or meetings that address:                                             

​ *Human growth and development                                              
*Personal, professional, or relationship development

A text-specific curriculum will help your corporation, institution, organization, or group to achieve a:                   

​*Company-wide, Organization-wide, or League-wide articulation                       
*Consistent alignment of principles, goals, approaches                 
*Standardized topics that entire departments, teams, or learner participants from staff, management,
classes, or team members have for broad based use                 
*Substantial and sustainable reinforcement during implementation     

The particular benefit being that everyone is on the same page in understanding the set of standards or goals your company chooses. The text contains four topics (the introduction qualifying as a fifth). You may select any one of the topics, all of the topics, or whatever portions you choose.      

Based on your choice of part of the text or all of the text, a customized curriculum will be written to provide a unifying set of principles that inform and undergird the goals and ideals that align with your teaching and learning experience through professional development, human growth and development, course study, or other similar uses.      

The additional benefits are in the flexible and varied modules that provide:       
·     Differentiation          ·     Accommodations                    ·     Modifications                ·     Interactivity  

 These are written into lesson plans by a certified professional who writes plans that meet national standards of teaching and learning that maximize learning for all participants.      

​The structuring, methodology, and implementation are founded on principles extracted from Vygotsky, Gardner, and Socrates.      

In so doing, participants have a standard curriculum with customized modules that address each learner-participant’s developmental needs.

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